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Starting my new project

For the last few days I’ve been starting a new private project which will be available on I also planned a blog series about it.

And yes, it will be another url shortener. But and others will not have to be afraid.

It’s a learning/proof of concept project with which I’m pursuing some goals.
My personal main goals are:

As for the result, I want to create some links which are one character shorter than the links of

For example:  -> 20 chars -> 21 chars

Next steps

I planned this project in four parts.

At first I will initialize the project and create a dummy Symfony application. The second part is about the infrastructure with Docker and Docker-Compose and how the services are coming together.

Part three, the main part, is the real application implementation with front- and backend (API). The last part is the PHP-PM integration.

After finishing each step, I’m going to create a new blog post about it.