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Docker image for PHPStan

Today I updated my implementation to differentiate between releases
and dev-master.

Currently the latest release for PHPStan is “0.6.3”. It is now available via the new Docker image tag 0.6.

So you can decide between the latest PHPStan version or one of the current release branches. Also there are tests with Travis CI.

The result of this can be found here:

The images are built daily at night. So you always get the latest commit on dev-master and the latest release in the 0.6 branch by day.

Use alias for short command option

For a better developer experience you can use an alias to type a short command that is expanded into a much longer command.

In my ~/.zshrc file (though you might have a ~/.bashrc, ~/.profile or something similar) I created a new alias:

alias phpstan="docker run -v $PWD:/app --rm tommymuehle/docker-phpstan"

Now I can simply type phpstan anywhere from the command line and the PHPStan image will kick up.

For example:

phpstan analyse src --level=5

in the /path/to/project directory was internally transformed to:

docker run -v /path/to/project:/app --rm tommymuehle/docker-phpstan analyse src --level=5