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First PHP7 extension

My time at move:elevator ends this week. And I want to give the remaining colleagues a farewell gift.

I decided to make a tiny PHP extension so they can feel the lost spirit every day. Whether they want to or not. ;-)

So I created my first PHP extension with three “features”. The main feature, an output on every “php -v” call, was unfortunately not implementable in the short time:

But I (test-driven) create some cool features that you can check out, if you like.

Here are my resources

Thomas Weinert published a great PHP extension sample with which every interested extension developer should start.

This repository has more than thirty branches and every one of this show’s one specific use case. So the learning curve is extremely high.

Thomas also published his slides about this on Speaker Deck.

Another good resource was Derick Rethans geospatial extension. And I also read through Sara Golemon’s book.

The last days I also read about the PHP Internals Book. This seems to be another great resource in the future if the update for PHP7 is finished.